Posted on 25-Mar-2019

Katey Jane Photography

The Fens is a bleak and often a depressing world to live in, Its a hard life throughout the year if you a person who loves loads of adventures and things to do then here is not for you. For a short time each year, you will see some colours but it's short-lived, we have no autumn colours, no lakes, rivers that are dead straight with no trees along them. It's familiar for its big skies, but for a storm chaser like me, we get little in the way of storms.

It's a love-hate lifestyle here and the number of people who I have spoken to who's moved here only to regret it often a short time is high, only one person in 4 years have stated they love it here. I wonder how many would leave if given a chance? I know I would.

So it does offers some great moody artwork, when the storms comes, the clouds can look stunning, and the fens give the best black and white photos, this place is stuck in the past and often seems mono even on a sunny day. It is that bland. My hate towards these places helps me see moody monos.
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