Posted on 12-Sep-2019

Katey Jane Photography

Living life to the full can be rewarding but it can be hard work at times, after 47 years of life in the Cambridgeshire Fens I decided to buy the motorhome, after months of wondering and thinking, I took this risk and went for it. My life as a child has been all about seeing new things, going on crazy adventures so it was a sensible choice to go fo the RV.

My website is in fact me as a person which I am told is a rare thing. If anyone if looking for a unique story then I'm the person for you. looking for real-life I'm that person, I have always lived a life of not knowing what's around the next corner.

I have turned my normal life into a small business too which has been kind of fun, to go out walking to keep fit, or to photograph something, its part of my bog standard business.

I sell prints and downloads via my website where the prints are made to order and are natural real wood.

I always say to people, go live your life, its dam fun at times.
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