Posted on 19-Oct-2019

Katey Jane Photography

Life is about living right? I love that feeling that mother nature is in control. With very high tides the other week around the North Norfolk coast, I thought I would spend the night at Thornham, knowing I would be traped by the tides for a few hours at each high tide. Also knowing that the tides would be entering the carpark, so walking to see water coming under the motorhome was just so cool. seeing the power of nature is why I do the crazy things I do.

The other motorhome owner had no idea that tides were going to do what it did.

It's not just about cameras or sales but a whole lifestyle for me. in fact the camera often takes a backfoot.

I live for the moment and no dought will always do it. the amount of injuries I have had along the way living this lifestyle is slowly taking its toll.

Planning to spend two months very soon in Scotland through the winter months so I gather I will get up to mischief, it wouldn't be me otherwise haha.

Anyway, take a look at the wonders of weather around the Norfolk coastline.
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